District Records

As well as World Records, we want to give the opportunity for Districts to set their own Records. Please contact us if you wish to be considered for a District Record.

Current District Records

Official Record Breakers District Records are displayed below.

Friends of Goldicroft Park

Planting the very first Platinum Jubilee Tree

On the 29th of May 2022

Congratulations to:

Sue Tycer, Nick Jardine, Maria Jardine, Ian Cadwallader, Richard Pearce, 
Debbie Talbot, and Cara Pratt.  

Let's welcome our new members

Thank you for joining our group and supporting our park.

Becki Knight, Kerry Mayne Allmark, Elle Lawson, Demi-Leigh Evans, Rebecca Meah, Rachael Webb - Vitins, Shaun Bailey MP, Lyndsey Stanton, Lucy Timmins, Helen Whitehouse, Jayne Trinder-Ralph, Amy Louise, Saumya Randhawa, Allison Stokes, Hayley Bean, Adam Mansell, Leanne Iamlegend Hamilton, Brunswick Buggies, Shell Cook

Boldmere Community Festival

Official Record Breakers and Record Holders Republic are please to award Boldmere Community Festival 2022 on their 19th event held at Boldmere Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham on the 20th of Nevember 2022.

John Stephenson

Lincolnshire Martial artist John Stephenson performed a blindfolded knunchuck work out for the duration of 20 minutes non stop on 14th January 2024 as part of his daily work out routine.