Official World Record Breakers FAQs

To learn some more information about what we do, we have provided some FAQs below.

Who is Official Record Breakers? 

Official Record Breakers is an organisation that supports all types of Records. It’s not just World Records, we support any Records including World Records, Commonwealth Records, European Records, National Records, District Records, City Records, Club and Ream Records, University Records, Used Club Records, Workplace Records, In fact all types of activities!

What types of Records are listed ?

To be honest, there are thousands upon thousands of different Records which can be listed. Working with us that there is no limitation and we would help you to create your own Record within a controlled safe environment. We also work with our partner Record Holders Republic who are a Registry of Official World Records.

Who can Break a Record ?

Any one can break a record including animals that can do extraordinary things! In fact most people are breaking Records on a daily basis but have never submitted them to an organisation because in the past they have probably been rejected. But we welcome all submissions.

What have we got to do with the Commonwealth Games ?

2022 is the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England. Birmingham is where I (Kevin Brown) was born and in 1973 I was inspired watching an Athletics Competition through the railings at The Alexander Stadium. For nearly 50 years I have been inspired to compete as an International Athlete to the point where I end up competing in two Commonwealth Games competing in the Discus, reaching the final in both of them:

1994 Victoria Commonwealth Games and 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games.

They were one of the highlights of my career and I am honored to be one of the Ambassadors for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in my hometown Birmingham. Working with my good friend Dean Gould, the President of Record Holders Republic, we have decided to join up by celebrating the BBC program Record breakers.

It will be the 50th anniversary of the TV program Record Breakers and we are planning to do 50 World Records around there the time of the opening of the Commonwealth Games. So we thought that would be the perfect time to launch this global idea.

What have you got to do with Mental Health ?

I’ve worked with Mental Health NHS for a number of years because they have recognised exercise with Mental Health conditions as one of the main cure to recovery. In 2020 during the lockdown, we was restricted in our movements around the UK and during that period people were suffering anxiety and Mental Health issues were at a all time high level.

So I organised a World Record using the UK Government Restrictions and Guidelines and created two new World Records pulling a vehicle outside a Mental Health Hospital. The reason for this was to let people know that there is help and bring awareness to the situation we were through at that difficult time.

I pulled a two-ton Range Rover uphill for 80m outside the Hospital and my friend pulled a one point2 ton Road vehicle 25m. This was extra special as my friend in 2018 had a work accident and lost both his legs. He was suffering depression after his work accident and I encouraged him that he has the ability to create a new World Record and be an ambassador to everyone who said they couldn’t achieve anything.

We recorded the World Record and it has gone viral and inspired thousands of people who were suffering with Mental Health issues that there is a way forward and our aim is to continue letting people know that there is help out there and there is a spiritual solution to everything.